Published 13th of May 2021

Rare Earth materials are critical to the fast-growing Intel industry. Neodymium magnets (also known as “NdFeB”, “Neo” or “NIB” magnets), are strong permanent magnets made from an alloy of neodymium, iron & boron. Their high magnetic properties allow for a wide range of applications:

computer hard disk drives
wind turbine generators
bicycle dynamos
MRI scanners
permanent magnet motors in cordless tools
high-performance AC servo motors
traction motors and integrated starter-generators in hybrid and electric vehicles
mechanically powered flashlights, employing rare earth magnets for generating electricity in a shaking motion or rotating (hand-crank-powered) motion
industrial uses such as maintaining product purity, equipment protection, and quality control

Our partner companies have been actively engaged in the research, production and sales of high-performance Nd-Fe-B magnet. Our main products are VCM magnet for computer HDD, EPS magnets for automobile and permanent magnets used in Hybrid motors. In addition to our existing production line, we supply all kinds of magnets used in electronic products and medical equipment, etc. The key clients of our rare earth magnets are Western Digital (WD), Korea Hyundai and LG, USA Hutchinson etc.  Our partners are the leading rare earth product manufacturers and miners, which allows us to offer the most competitive price and fast production possible.