Drawing on our years of experience in the industry we are able to accurately and precisely identify and tap into the latest industrial markets, competitive products, innovations and opportunities ensuring our delivery stays at the peak you'd expect.


Using our global network of business contacts in all corners of the globe we can efficiently connect those in need of supply, to those suppling. Our experts are on hand to cater your requirements and match them with one of our global partners.


As business we pride ourselves in complete end-to-end satisfaction which in order for us to facilitate requires that for every supplier we connect, the export procedures, logistics and delivery plans are exact to your requirements.


Founded In The Historic Trading City Of Shangqiu, China’s Henan Province

Since our inception in 2008, we have grown to build an extensive network of industrial experts from all corners of the globe that we leverage to deliver streamlined and fully managed supply chain solutions to some of the biggest corporations in the world, acting as a vital piece of there operational puzzle.

Operating Across Various Industries

Working across a range of businesses disciplines, ETCs such as ourselves have been a vital part of allowing the un-tapped quality of Chinese manufacturing to reach the worldwide market assisting with communication, regulation and language barriers whilst working on behalf of our clients on negotiations, shipments, marketing and currency exchange hedging.

With each new client we work with, our already expansive knowledgebase in benefited from a further reach across businesses operating at the heights of their industries. This gives our experts the added ability to draw on experience from various business settings to apply to each project delivery we undertake.

Global Connections With Industry Leaders

A Global Supplier You Can Rely On

Across every industry and the range of businesses we service, our dedication to deliver high-quality supply solutions that your evolving business can depend on doesn't change.


Core Values Our Business Is Built Upon

Partnership -
We focus on & prioritise long-term relationships with both clients and suppliers.
Value Creation -
We establish bonds between you and supply chains that deliver tailored plans & a decrease in cost pressures.
Culture & Diversity -
Our diverse, multicultural team are abundant with international experience for you to draw on.  
Sustainable Development -
Working to ensure China and the rest of the world are moving in the right direction for the world.


Streamline and cost-save your business

Over the 10 years of experience supplying some of the biggest brands in a range of industries, we have seen numerous cases of cost-saving from the businesses, often with higher quality. Let's see how we can help you.

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