Published 31st of March 2021

JiGuo Trading is a leading export trading company with offices located in the UK and China. We aim to provide our clients with the relevant market insights and latest technologies to help their business to thrive. Founded in 2008 in the historic trading city of Shangqiu, in China’s Henan Province, we built a network of foremost industrial experts across supply chains. We have abundant experience in trading a variety of industrial goods, ranging from chemicals and cement to machinery and medical equipment.  So far, our products have reached all over the world, with the main export destinations being Asia, Africa and North America.

Our strong connection with both the suppliers in China and foreign clients allowed us to build a vast reaching network worldwide. We aim to connect those in need of supplies with the industrial experts in China. Here at JiGuo Trading, we are dedicated to what we do. Our duty and responsibility are to provide you with products tailored to meet your exact needs while ensuring the highest quality standards and best possible price.

Our philosophy:

We see ourselves as more than a critical puzzle in the Global supply chain. JiGuo’s ethos stems from the team’s desire to promote social and cultural integration through trade activities. We have close international links, rendering a pipeline of the most innovative products and premium resources across the globe. It is exciting for us to see premium products from china being shipped to the rest of the world and become a key element to your business operation.